How We Buy Houses

How We Buy Houses

Okay, let’s say you are interested in selling your home to us. So how do we proceed?

4 Simple Steps to Sell Your House

we buy housesStep 1:

You contact us and tell us about the house you want to sell. We will want to talk with you a bit about your history with the house, its current condition, any repairs it may need, and your desired goals in selling the home.

we buy housesStep 2:

After we’ve analyzed the house from the information you gave us and through our research, we contact you to setup arrangements to go look at the house. Don’t worry about the condition of the place – you do not need to be concerned about making it tidy or clean for our visit. We are looking at the potential of the home and we don’t care if it’s clean or dirty or needs work. Our walk-through of the home usually only takes about 15-30 minutes, and we can go there at your convenience.

sell house fastStep 3:

We give you an offer in writing within a day, but often right there after seeing the house. We will go over the details of the offer with you so everything is clear. You can ask us as many questions as you like. We will not pressure you in any way – if you decide to sell to us, we want you to be comfortable with that decision.

That’s all there is to it. We look at the home. We have a talk. We make an offer. You then decide if you want to move forward.

Sell House Fast Thousand Oaks Pasadena Westlake VillageStep 4:

If you accept the offer, we sign an agreement to buy the house and start escrow with a local title company. Once the title company finishes all of the required legal paperwork and you are ready to close and get your cash, we will meet at the title company to sign the final documents.

That’s it. Just think – in a week or two, your house could be sold!

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